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Obama: If Kim Jong-Un Were American, I’d Drone Him

North Korea threatens preemptive nuclear strike on U.S.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un test-fires a threatening gesture in the general direction of the United States. Obama says if Kim were an American citizen, “he’d tone down the swagger and keep his eyes on the skies.”

Just hours after a top North Korean official threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States, President Barack Obama said he’s also willing to take aggressive action, under certain conditions.

“If Kim Jong-Un were an American citizen,” Obama said, “I’d drone him in a second — but only if he were on U.S. soil, since North Korea is a long flight, and drone fuel is scarce because of the sequester.”

The remarks come after Sen. Rand Paul and fellow Republicans staged a filibuster, talking on the Senate floor for nearly 13 hours Wednesday in a vain attempt to get the Obama administration to admit that killing Americans on U.S. soil, without due process of law, is unconstitutional. Obama ignored the effort.

“If we send the Marines into Pyonyang to assassinate Kim,” Obama added, “that’s clearly illegal under international rules of war. So, that’s why I’d only take him down if he were here, just after he took his oath of U.S. citizenship. That’s a constitutional grey area, and Attorney General Holder is pretty sure we could win that one in court if those Tea Party wackos challenge it.”

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