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Rand Paul to Officially Declare Liberty to Lie About Him

Rand Paul to declare to for president.

Sen. Rand Paul, shown here counting down the days before Republicans, and the general public, can fully enjoy their God-given liberty to make up stuff about him in an effort not just to scuttle his presidential campaign, but to destroy his life’s work and reputation as well.

(2015-04-06) — Sources say Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday will announce that Americans are officially free to lie about his record and his personal life as he seeks the presidency in 2016.

“Rand Paul will run as a defender of liberty,” said an unnamed supporter, “That means it’s time for Republicans, and all Americans, to exercise their natural, God-given, right to say stuff that just ain’t so, to post links on social media to news sites that are really just facades for opposition research, to spout unfounded rumors, to make reckless assumptions, to distribute out-of-context quotations and to mount anonymous vitriolic personal attacks on Rand Paul and his family.”

Paul associates said the freshman senator believes that the Founders of this country and the Framers of the Constitution gave their lives so that any citizen could be “flayed and eviscerated in the public square with false information and intentionally-deceptive innuendo in order to discourage decent, principled folks from pursuing public service.”

Sen. Paul would be the second Republican to officially declare his presidential candidacy, just two weeks after Sen. Ted Cruz announced that Cruz is “wrong for America.”

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Romney Lists Factors That Would Spark 2016 Run

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney insisted again this week that he’s not running for president in 2016, “unless it’s inevitable.”

(2014-08-28) — Despite his oft-stated reluctance to mount a third White House bid, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney confessed to a talk radio host this week that he would reluctantly jump into the race “if circumstances change.”

“I loved running for president, and I’ll never do it again,” Romney said, adding that, “One should never say never,” and that life on the campaign trail was “a grueling ordeal that sorely taxed my family.”

“So Anne and I agreed that 2012 would be the last time,” he said, “unless, of course, a 2016 campaign is inevitable, and that would be understandably unavoidable.”

Pressed to list the kinds of “circumstances” which might trigger a change of heart, Romney said, “Well, these are such one-in-a-million long-shots that it’s hardly worth discussing, but let’s say I learned that one of the leading GOP candidates got indicted, or…

  • just couldn’t escape the shadow of his isolationist libertarian father, or
  • were soft on gun rights, or
  • actually hugged Obama just before election day in 2012, or
  • had no previous political experience, or
  • had thinning hair, or
  • lost his Senate seat by 18 points, or
  • had parents born in India or Cuba, or
  • had leaned toward amnesty for illegal immigrants, or
  • was related by blood to George W. Bush, or
  • swelled up like a blowfish since his last campaign, or
  • used even more hair product than I do.

“That’s what it would take,” Romney said. “Really far out stuff. But, otherwise, the answer is still ‘No’. And that’s a firm conditional ‘No’.”

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Obama: If Kim Jong-Un Were American, I’d Drone Him

North Korea threatens preemptive nuclear strike on U.S.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un test-fires a threatening gesture in the general direction of the United States. Obama says if Kim were an American citizen, “he’d tone down the swagger and keep his eyes on the skies.”

Just hours after a top North Korean official threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States, President Barack Obama said he’s also willing to take aggressive action, under certain conditions.

“If Kim Jong-Un were an American citizen,” Obama said, “I’d drone him in a second — but only if he were on U.S. soil, since North Korea is a long flight, and drone fuel is scarce because of the sequester.”

The remarks come after Sen. Rand Paul and fellow Republicans staged a filibuster, talking on the Senate floor for nearly 13 hours Wednesday in a vain attempt to get the Obama administration to admit that killing Americans on U.S. soil, without due process of law, is unconstitutional. Obama ignored the effort.

“If we send the Marines into Pyonyang to assassinate Kim,” Obama added, “that’s clearly illegal under international rules of war. So, that’s why I’d only take him down if he were here, just after he took his oath of U.S. citizenship. That’s a constitutional grey area, and Attorney General Holder is pretty sure we could win that one in court if those Tea Party wackos challenge it.”

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