Rise Up: America Demands Return to Dead-End Jobs

Some Americans now threaten to “storm the gates” of office parks like this to recapture their “God-given right to soak in the fluorescent rays that bleed white the dreams of youth.”

(2020-04-17) — A growing movement of liberty-loving Americans has started to rise up and demand that government immediately lift COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders so people can return to the soul-sucking dead-end jobs that previously had them fondling a revolver, or thinking about driving for Uber.

“We will not be held down any longer by these repressive, un-Constitutional restrictions on our freedoms,” said one township man, who declined to give his name out of fear of losing his mid-level management position at an out-bound call center (from which he’s currently furloughed).

Stay-at-home orders and other restrictions on public gatherings and movement, he said, are “just a foot in the door for the authoritarian statists who dream of stripping us of the right to spend 40 hours per week doing something we hate so we can get vested in our 401(k) plan and eventually quit our jobs and live our dreams, you know…some day.”

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Wow, I generally like your stories, but this was a swing and a miss. A lot of people work in jobs that aren’t their dream careers, but there’s no need to denigrate them. Would you rather people wish to sit around on welfare? How dare you insult people who put in hard work day in and day out at whatever job they work, solving real problems for real people, just because they may be in a cubicle?

There are no dead-end jobs, just dead-end people. Like yourself possibly.

And ride-share and delivery drivers are heroes, especially in these trying times.