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As Kavanaugh Show Ends, Netflix May Pick It Up

Netflix may pick up Kavanaugh show for 3 more seasons |

Industry insiders see Netflix as the natural home for the Kavanaugh series after its first production run ends this weekend.

(2018-10-05) — With the Senate confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh coming to a close this weekend, industry insiders say Netflix plans to pick up the series for at least three more seasons.

“The Kavanaugh hearings have been ratings gold,” said an unnamed industry insider, who requested anonymity to disguise the source of the trial balloon. “The story shouldn’t end here. These characters have more secrets, more innuendo, more betrayal, more heartache. America needs to know what happens next.”

Indeed, person-on-the-street interviews confirm that the Kavanaughs, along with Christine Blasey Ford and the friends who deny having seen her at crucial moments, have become household names, and almost part of the family in many American homes.

If Netflix does pick up the legal drama, expect lucrative product placement deals from Anheuser-Busch, and distributors of ginkgo-biloba, a supplement said to enhance memory.

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Sundale Man’s Girlfriend ‘Locked-In’ by Shared Hulu

(2018-08-20) — A Sundale man says he shared his Hulu password with his new girlfriend as a way to “lock her in for the long haul.”

“In the past, I’ve had girlfriends just up and leave because they claimed I was unwilling to commit,” said the man. “Lesson learned. This one knows I’m serious because she’s got my Hulu password. She’s not going to walk out on a $12 per month perk like that…commercial-free.”

He added that, “If it starts to look like she’s really the one, I might also share my Netflix password with her. But we’re not ready to take that step yet.”

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