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Biden Salutes Sanders for Starting a Movement

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seen here starting a movement.

(2020-04-07) — As Bernie Sanders takes a seat out of the spotlight at the end of a hard-fought campaign for president, fellow septuagenarian Democrat candidate Joe Biden praised his former foe for “starting a movement.”

“Bernie showed all of us that winning isn’t everything,” said Biden from the basement of his Delaware home. “At this stage of life, a movement is more meaningful. And that’s hard to do, let me tell you.”

The former vice president saluted Sen. Sanders for “the way Bernie endured the strain — God love him — and pushed hard to the end, even when it seemed like nothing would come of it.”

The presumptive Democratic nominee added that Sanders’ effort was, in fact, productive.

“We can see the product of Bernie’s exertions everywhere — from the sidewalks of San Francisco, to the midwestern farmlands, to the very halls of the U.S. Capitol,” Biden said. “Evidence of his successful movement lies all around us, I tell you. I can smell it in the air. I can feel it to the soles of my shoes.” 

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