50.7 Million Children Now Detained in Trump’s Facilities

federal detention facility

A federally-funded detention facility where children, separated from parents, endure daily hardship.

(2018-09-13) — The latest count shows some 50.7 million migrant and non-migrant children detained in federally-monitored and controlled facilities, separated from parents, behind chain-link fences and brick and block walls, often sitting in stress positions for hours on end.

The damning report indicates the children often consume substandard and marginally-nutritive foods, and can be heard crying, and even fighting among themselves, as a result of the psychological duress of long-term confinement.

These conditions — which some have branded ‘torture’ — continue with full knowledge, and indeed, funding and supervision from the Trump administration.

A White House spokesperson confirmed the shocking number, but called it “nothing new” and explained that American children have long endured unpleasant conditions in the federally-funded public school system.

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We have to be careful, we wouldn’t want the left to co-op our sinister plans. They don’t know the difference between education and indoctrination

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Great punchline! Wasn’t expecting that.

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