Poll: Taco Bell #1 in Mexican Food at 2 a.m., Wasted

Poll: Taco Bell #1 Mexican Place at 2 a.m., Wasted

A new Harris poll of top brands finds that America’s favorite Mexican restaurant at 2 a.m. while wasted is Taco Bell.

(2018-09-12) — Taco Bell is America’s favorite Mexican restaurant according to the latest Harris poll ranking top brands via a survey conducted in the wee hours of Sunday morning after a night of heavy drinking and drug use, from the backseat at the drive-thru.

“We were really fried when we conducted the survey,” said an unnamed pollster from Harris. “It was just like…dude! Let’s ring the Bell.”

According to the survey methodology, pollsters dialed “like 3,000 phone numbers totally at random way after midnight” and asked the people who answered, “You want to go get something to eat?”

Results show that 11-out-of-10 respondents, including butt-dials, “really, really could get into some Taco Bell right now. Really.”

A spokesman for Harris said the preference for Taco Bell spanned all demographics, “even people who can’t speak Mexican.”

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