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Obama Sends Thanksgiving Letter to Grateful Nation

(2013-11-28) — To mark Thanksgiving Day, President Obama today sent an open letter to the American people, which is reproduced here in its entirety.

My Fellow Americans,

This is the day when families of all varieties gather around the table and give thanks for the great blessings they enjoy due to the beneficent mercy of an all-powerful, all-knowing and compassionate Higher Power. They express gratitude for the food before them, the clothing they wear, the health they enjoy, and the checks that keep coming to provide it all.

The actions of the Almighty may seem mysterious, but most Americans submit humbly to the purposes of the One who holds their future — the One who knows more about them than anyone at that table does. They bow their heads to exalt the One who hears what they say in private moments, who reads their most intimate thoughts, and who, ultimately, judges them.

So, as you gather with loved ones to give collective voice to your inexhaustible gratitude, let me express my thoughts in these simple words…

You’re welcome.

Barack H. Obama

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NARAL Snares Federal Grant to End Distracted Driving

Children Distracting Driver

Because children cause far more driver distractions than do cell phones, President Obama tapped NARAL Pro-Choice America to research and execute a solution.

(2013-11-28) — Thanks to a new study that shows children in automobiles cause more driver distractions than do cell phones, the Obama administration today announced a $753 million federal grant to NARAL Pro-Choice America “to explore and implement ways to reduce or eliminate the major source of distracted driving.”

According to researchers, drivers interacting with children in the car are 12 times more likely to take their attention from the road than are drivers using cell phones, creating a potentially-deadly hazard to other motorists and pedestrians.

“As a father,” President Obama told reporters, “I am, of course, aware of the dangers posed by children in cars. I’m pleased to award this grant to NARAL Pro-Choice America, an organization that knows more about child hazards than any other, and more importantly, that shares my commitment to wiping out these threats to safe driving.”

The president said he issued the grant by executive order, “due to the clear and present danger, and because we all know that Republicans in Congress would stall legislation on partisan ideological grounds, even though every 15 minutes a car accident stops a beating heart.”

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