Carney: 53% of Americans Lie about Obama’s Honesty

President Obama

President Obama hopes the majority of the American people will confess their dishonesty in the wake of a new poll that shows 53% of them believe the president is not honest and trustworthy.

(2013-11-25) — Most Americans lied about President Obama’s honesty in a new CNN-ORC International poll, according to the White House.

The new poll shows that for the first time, most Americans (53%) don’t think that Mr. Obama is honest or trustworthy.

“What this poll really shows,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney, “is that 53% of Americans can’t be trusted when it comes to the president’s credibility. And if they’ll lie about something so important, what else are they shading the truth about?”

Carney said the president is “deeply disappointed in the majority of the American people,” yet remains hopeful that they will “consider how their dishonesty reflects upon this country, and take the earliest opportunity to confess that they lied, and to issue a class-action apology.”

The CNN-ORC poll also showed that just 40% of Americans think President Obama “can manage the government effectively,” a number that has dropped 12 points since June.

Carney dismissed that finding, noting that “very few Americans have the skills it takes to recognize that the president is a terrific manager.”

“It’s not their fault,” the press secretary added. “The American people are just incompetent.”

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[…] By Scott Ott […]

Well, I guess I’ve been “incompetent” since August, 2008 when I came up with 36 reasons NOT to vote for Obama in the first place. It was originally 37 reasons, but I decided to throw out the first reason (he was born in Kenya) because there was not enough proof (but time will tell)… 😉


But that is an interesting question, because it was Obama himself who, in his book blurbs, said he was born in Kenya.

So the American people have three choices:

1. Claim Obama is a liar, in which case we are racist.
2. Claim Obama was born in Kenya, in which case we are racist.

Clearly the American people need sensitivity training. I suppose room 101 awaits.


Sorry, two. Didn’t mean to go all Perry on you, but the third was “can’t read”, but clearly he can read off a teleprompter.

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