‘Selfie’ Top Word in 2013, Oxford Drops ‘Dictionary’

The Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary named ‘selfie’ the 2013 word of the year, while dropping its entry for the word ‘dictionary’ to “free up space for stuff people actually use,” according to the publisher.

(2013-11-19) — The publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary announced today that ‘selfie’ is the 2013 word of the year just hours before announcing that its next edition would not include an entry for the word ‘dictionary’, which has fallen into disuse.

“There’s no point to including a definition of the word ‘dictionary’ at a time when people care neither for precision in spelling nor for accuracy in usage, and when they’re bereft of intellectual curiosity about etymology,” said an unnamed spokesman for Oxford. “We briefly mulled a truncated definition like ‘dictionary: ask your grandparents,’ but so many grandparents still don’t have Twitter accounts.”

The term ‘selfie’ skyrocketed in colloquial usage thanks to ubiquitous cellphone cameras, and to the difficulty of mounting a mirror bracket to one’s skull.

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[…] By Scott Ott […]


Welcome back, Scott!


Surprised that “brain” was not up for elimination, as people no longer use them.”I don’t need to think, because nobody in Washington would lie to me”.

That word sort of says it all. People today seem to be into nothing but “them-selfies”. They had no interest in Obamacare until millions of “them-selfies” lost their healthcare insurance, or found out their premiums were going to go up and their deductibles were going to double. In other words… when it “them-selfies” wallets.

Uhhh, that should have been “when it HIT “them-selfies” wallets”.