Obama Declares April 1 ‘Fiscal Responsibility Day’

Obama signs National Fiscal Responsibility Day declarationPresident Obama declares April 1 ‘National Fiscal Responsibility Day’, as the infants and toddlers of Wall Street bankers crawl around his desk just out of the camera’s view.

In a White House ceremony this morning, surrounded by young children of Wall Street bankers, and of staffers at the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, President Barack Obama signed an executive order designating today as ‘National Fiscal Responsibility Day.’

The president said the declaration would both “recognize the Herculean efforts of members of Congress and the Executive branch in paring down the federal budget to its core essentials, as well as issue a challenge that still more can be done to achieve the dream of my personal hero, President Calvin Coolidge.”

In fact, Obama echoed Coolidge, saying: “I am for economy, and after that I am for more economy. At this time, and under present conditions, that is my conception of serving all of the people.

Obama noted that from now on, the first day of April each year will “remind all Americans of the kind of government we ordained and established in our Constitution — one of limited, enumerated powers, that maximizes individual liberty.”

“The best way to achieve that is to perpetually devote ourselves to reducing the size and scope of the federal government,” Obama said, noting that the “little children are the ultimate beneficiaries of our frugality, since they will inherit a government that pays its way day-by-day without a load of unsustainable borrowing.”

The President encouraged all Americans to greet each other today with a cheery “Happy Fiscal Responsibility Day!” but to exchange cards and gifts “only if you can do so without incurring additional debt.”

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Obama reminds me of the Beatles song (sung by Badfinger)

If you want it
Here it is,
Come and get it.
Make your mind up fast.

If you want it
Anytime I can give it
But you better hurry
Cause it may not last.

Did I hear you say
That there must be a catch
Will you walk away
From a fool and his money

If you want it,
Here it is,
Come and get it,
But you better hurry
Cause it’s going fast.


Does nObama really believes in what he is saying. I doubt it, since he went golfing the other day. I’ve been to the driving range once this year and the pass 3 years once on the golf course with my son. We have the money but we do have other responsibilities and needs to attend too. Does he really need to sign an EO to get his ideas out in the open. Who is he trying to kid anyway. It sure didn’t fire me up at all. Its just more BS.


Ah, the irony of it all.


uh, rudytime, I think you missed the joke…the 1st is April Fool’s Day…