Obama Alive & Well, White House Says, Chavez Dead

Obama is "alive and well," White House says. "It's Hugo Chavez you've heard about in today's news."The White House, in an effort tamp down viral rumors, took the unusual step of releasing a statement that President Barack Obama is “alive and well.”

The terse statement comes in response to internet rumors that a charismatic, eloquent, leader who swept to power promising to take money from the petroleum industry to fund entitlement programs, had died. The White House clarified that it was, in fact, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez who passed away after a long battle with cancer.

“Some people just skim the news, or hear a snippet as they walk by the TV,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney. “Anyone out there can make a mistake — it gets on Twitter, and all the sudden I’ve got 270,000 condolences in my inbox.”

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mindknumbed kid

Jay Carney is so accustomed to stretching the truth in his official capacity…

mindknumbed kid

Scott, the time is 7 hours off…maybe only 5 if it’s eastern.


Supposedly Obysmal is working on a “charm offensive” to court Republicans. The effort must have taken him out of the media’s constant spotlight, giving rise to the rumors.


Even Michelle believed it. She went into mourning at Uncle Sidmores Ribs and More. Word has it she put away a few racks before someone told her it was a mistake. I’m just saying


Shelly…LOL! You’ve got Mooch’s number.


Scott, can we get a petition going to send OUR dictator to Venezuela, since theirs has assumed room temperature?