Jeb Bush Won’t Rule Out ‘American Idol’ Audition

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told NBC TODAY’s Matt Lauer he won’t rule out an audition for the TV talent contest ‘American Idol’ some time in the next three years.

“I have a voice and a message to share,” Bush told Lauer, ” and I want to bring it to a world that’s lost its way.”

Nevertheless, Bush said he is “not officially announcing” his intention to try out for the popular singing show just yet.

“I’m really waiting for the right moment to make up my mind,” Bush said. “There are still a lot of people who have not had the chance to beg me to try out for Idol. It would not be fair to cheat them out of that opportunity.”

The son and brother of former U.S. Presidents, Jeb Bush is perhaps best known for his 1989 performance in the front row of a Miami Sound Machine concert, when he actually sang, and led a conga line, all the way around a packed arena, catching the eye of then-rising star Gloria Estefan.

Rep. Paul Ryan Cuts in for Slow Dance During Classic Jeb Bush Conga Line

Rep. Paul Ryan (right) cuts in for a slow dance as Jeb Bush (left) tries to reenact his classic ’89 ‘Miami Sound Machine’ conga line. Bush said, “I suppose Ryan can’t control himself any longa.”

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Welcome back, Scott.


Yes! Scrappleface is back!


Yay! Hooray for the return of Scrappleface. Thanks for resurrecting the site, Scott.

Jeb has to prove his creds by appearing on “The View” for the low-information voters to give his facial recognition. He gets extra points for reenacting the conga line with Ellen Degeneres.


Whew, working through word press took a century. It tickles my very inards to see Scrappleface once again. Sends a tingle down my leg. Is it true that a RINO is worth two nothings in a Bush?

Jebb needs to spend his time filling in holes so Jeff and others will not fall in them. That will keep him busy for some time to come.


Good to see Scrappleface back in business! Just say “No” to Jeb Bush.