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    Scott Ott

    Read the story, then discuss.

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    The courts will continue to do the bidding of the democrats – delaying and confusing every Republican move for the next 2+ years – until the Democrats can finally elect Hillary Clinton in 2020.

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    That’s just nuts. Look at Ohio 12 from the last 2 elections (2014 & 2016). Republicans have turned out 150k and 250k respectively while Democrats maxxed out at 112k in 2016. And even thought it was largely meaningless, Republicans still might have won a race that’s for a whole 2-month term. The propaganda from Democrats is all that’s made this even a horse race. Once November 6 rolls around, it will be business as usual. The Democrats keep telling themselves that there’s a nation full of people who hate Trump and that’s just not the case. Democrats will do well to hold on to what they have in the Senate and MIGHT flip 15-18 seats in Congress (though some say between 20 and 30). They have to hold everything they have and flip 24 to gain control, which I don’t think is realistic. If anything, people look at the ridiculous nuttery across the Democratic electorate and are scared to death to turn anything over to people who they endorse.

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    I find it interesting that they still believe the pollsters who prognosticated Hillary winning in a landslide.
    Let the fun begin

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