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Obama Proud of NBA Player Coming Out as Brony

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Obama praises Brony basketball proPresident Obama preemptively praised an unnamed NBA player as a “civil rights trailblazer” when he learned the pro athlete will soon ‘come out’ as a Brony.”

President Obama said he’s proud of an as-yet-unnamed NBA free agent slated to “come out” later this week as a Brony. The mystery basketball pro has reportedly led a secret life as a devotee of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” animated series, and until now was unwilling to admit “who I really am” to his teammates.

Upon learning of the imminent revelation, the president phoned the Brony-ballplayer to praise him in advance as a “civil rights trailblazer,” and to tell him that his openness about his true identity will “surely pave the way for other prominent public figures to come out of the shadows.”

The White House, however, denied rumors that the president himself is a closeted Brony, but cautioned that the denial doesn’t imply that anything would be wrong if he were.

The player, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the president’s personal involvement overwhelms him, and makes his pending announcement seem much more significant — or in his words, “bigger than Benghazi.”

The NBA and the players’ union immediately unveiled a program designed “to ease the transition for Brony players, and to create an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, and recognition of the outstanding achievements that closeted Bronies have made to the game for years.”

New Movie Ratings Get Specific, Guard Kids

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Chris Dodd, CEO of MPAA on new movie rating systemChris Dodd, CEO of MPAA, explains the new ‘Check the Box’ movie rating system, demonstrating a stereotypical gesture that would be flagged to let parents better protect their children.

The Motion Picture Association of America has rolled out its new ‘Check the Box‘ campaign, designed to give parents more information, along with movie letter ratings, to determine if a film is appropriate for children, according to MPAA Chairman and Executive Chris Dodd, the former Democrat U.S. Senator.

“A lot of parents want to take their kids to a particular movie,” Dodd said, “but they’re concerned that the film may contain inappropriate themes — like an unabashed patriotic pro-American bias, monogamous heterosexual marriage relationships, heroic portrayals of business people or soldiers, gratuitous consumption of meat products and large sugary beverages, or scenes where people criticize their government without suffering the consequences.”

Dodd said the new ‘Check the Box’ campaign will fill the information void in the previous letter-based ratings system that often left parents wondering why a movie had been labeled PG-13, R or NC-17.

“Often parents would screen these movies first to protect their kids, and come out of the theater scratching their heads over why the film got a restrictive rating when it contained little but ordinary graphic violence, nudity, sexual acts and obscene language,” said Dodd. “So, then they have to go back, taking their young children, and wind up paying to see the movie twice. That’s not fair.”

Facebook Redesign Mimics Newspaper, Delivered Daily

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that the social site’s new interface will look more like a newspaper, in response to user nostalgia over the papers they no longer subscribe to at home.

“Not only will it look like a newspaper,” said Zuckerberg, “but starting next week, Facebook will be delivered to you once each day.”

The young billionaire predicted that daily Facebook delivery would increase GDP in the U.S. and other nations by up to 11 percent, since the current 24/7 non-stop streaming interface is “an addictive, soul-sapping time-suck that kills worker productivity.”

Zuckerberg said users of the Facebook mobile app — for iDevices and Android — will soon get “the most realistic newspaper experience ever” when the firm rolls out its “virtual ink” version, with type that actually rubs off on your fingers when you swipe the screen.

Facebook to Mimic Newspaper

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said people miss the newspapers they cancelled years ago, so he’s changing the social site’s interface to be more “Victorian.”

Jeb Bush Won’t Rule Out ‘American Idol’ Audition

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told NBC TODAY’s Matt Lauer he won’t rule out an audition for the TV talent contest ‘American Idol’ some time in the next three years.

“I have a voice and a message to share,” Bush told Lauer, ” and I want to bring it to a world that’s lost its way.”

Nevertheless, Bush said he is “not officially announcing” his intention to try out for the popular singing show just yet.

“I’m really waiting for the right moment to make up my mind,” Bush said. “There are still a lot of people who have not had the chance to beg me to try out for Idol. It would not be fair to cheat them out of that opportunity.”

The son and brother of former U.S. Presidents, Jeb Bush is perhaps best known for his 1989 performance in the front row of a Miami Sound Machine concert, when he actually sang, and led a conga line, all the way around a packed arena, catching the eye of then-rising star Gloria Estefan.

Rep. Paul Ryan Cuts in for Slow Dance During Classic Jeb Bush Conga Line

Rep. Paul Ryan (right) cuts in for a slow dance as Jeb Bush (left) tries to reenact his classic ’89 ‘Miami Sound Machine’ conga line. Bush said, “I suppose Ryan can’t control himself any longa.”