Staff Didn’t Tell Obama His Yoga Pants Were See-Thru

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Obama's Transparent Yoga Pants Not Noticed at White House

Lululemon Athletica recalled its $98 see-thru yoga pants, but White House staffers said no one noticed that President Obama’s own pair were transparent.

The business world reacted with shock at the recall of a whole season’s worth of trendy $98 Lululemon Athletica yoga pants because the fabric becomes see-thru in some typical yoga positions. However, The White House said President Obama was not aware his own pair of Lululemon pants were transparent because none of his advisers or staff informed him.

“We thought the new yoga outfit was beautiful, exquisite, magnificent — and we told the president so,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney. “We knew it was made of the finest cloth, very expensive, and Lululemon is a hot brand. Frankly, we wondered why one young intern was snickering, but who were we to suggest that the president’s new clothes were virtually invisible?”

The White House cancelled a public appearance scheduled for early next week, when the president and First Lady were slated to read a Hans Christian Andersen story at a school, and then to lead a group of obese children in yoga exercises.

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3 Responses to “Staff Didn’t Tell Obama His Yoga Pants Were See-Thru”

  1. Bunny says:

    LOL! So, you’re telling us that “Emporer O” has been “overexposed”… 😀

  2. mindknumbed kid says:

    The Emporer has no…clue.

  3. DanInTampa says:

    Being “the most transparent President ever” is tough! Nobody noticed.